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You're Extravagant? Here Are 5 Easy Money Saving Tips

Saving Money

"A prosperous future is born from preparation at a young age. In order to have sufficient funds in the twilight age, you must be able to apply money saving tips well"

For some people saving is not an easy thing to do. Although they know how much it benefits from saving money, extravagant lifestyles often make it difficult for some people to set aside some of their money to save.

Maybe you're some of the people who are having this kind of trouble. If so, the saving tips below might help you.

Tips to Save Money

1. Know What Your Total Income and Expenses Are

Saving money must be rational. You can't just set aside your payday money without knowing what your total salary is and how much money you have to spend on your daily needs. Therefore, you must know both before you start the first step to saving.

If you work as an employee, calculating your total monthly earnings will be much easier. Even so, you also need to enter the income.

Once you know your total income in one month, you can calculate the expenses you need for one month. The monthly fee includes the cost of renting a house, meals, transportation costs, and other costs.

Then, you can compare between your expenses and your monthly income. From that comparison you can determine how much potential money you can save each month.

2. Create Two Different Savings Accounts

It is so easy to spend money in an account, especially if you only have one account. Although you are strongly committed to saving and applying money saving tips in a disciplined manner, it is possible that you use the savings money by accident.

To prevent something like this, you are advised to open two different accounts. From these two accounts, you can use the first account to receive a salary and meet your daily needs and the second account can be used to save money.

By separating the money in two accounts like this, it will help you see things more clearly. You can see how much money you can use each month. And you can also see how much money you can't use each month.

3. Determine the Purpose of Saving

Before deciding to start saving, it would be nice if you decide the purpose of your savings. If you have no goals, then saving will be very difficult to do. Different if you have determined your goal to save, your motivation will rise even stay awake. So before starting your first step to saving try to determine your goals first.

This goal in saving can be related to your financial goals. Whether buying a house, buying a car, or venture capital; set a goal that really suits what you want. Don't set overly contrived goals. Goals like this won't help much, even making saving more burdensome.

4. Create a Monthly Budget

The amount of money you save depends heavily on the amount of your income and the amount of your monthly expenses. To make it easier for you to apply saving tips, you can create a monthly budget.

This monthly budget is in the form of regular expenses for one month. Focus on the needs that are important and you need. Don't forget to include unexpected budget needs. Once you've created your monthly budget, you'll find out how much money you can save for a month.

5. Avoid Less Important Expenses

If you already have a monthly budget, then you must follow what you have written in the monthly budget. If you have a budget, the temptation to buy unnecessary items will get smaller.

Avoiding less important expenses is one of the keys to saving money. If previously you were used to buying coffee in cafes, start to reduce its intensity. Make your own coffee to save money.

If you often buy food in food stalls, start to buy raw materials and cook them yourself. Ways like this will help save you money.

Those are the saving tips that you can do as a reserve for money in the future. Saving is not difficult if you have strong motivation and apply saving tips correctly. Start saving for a life in the future.

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