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7 Types of Ornamental Plants That Will Be Popular In 2021

Ornamental Plant

Throughout 2020 planting ornamental plants became popular in the community, but what about in 2021? The trend of ornamental plants may still persist in 2021 or in the years ahead. Because the interest of ornamental plants themselves today more and more. Many people who hunt ornamental plants for just a collection or they can also make ornamental plants as a promising business.

There are so many reasons why ornamental plants are liked by many people. In addition to the beautiful shape and good to look at by the eyes, ornamental plants also make the air around us contain a lot of oxygen so that when breathing becomes fresher. Planting houseplants can also provide psychological benefits that can relieve stress, improve mood, to make people happy.

"Plants provide life and allow us to relax mentally, both from aesthetics and through the act of gardening," said Jason Chongue, quoted from The Plant Society.

In 2021, the trend of ornamental plants is predicted to still be many fans. Here are 7 ornamental plants that are predicted to be popular in 2021.

1. Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone Cactus
Fishbone Cactus is predicted to be in great demand in 2021. Fishbone cactus comes from the Mexican rainforest, this ornamental plant has the characteristics of its long, flattened stem, and its shape that resembles fish bones.

The popularity of this ornamental plant is increasingly popular because it has a quite unique shape. The popularity of this plant can also be seen from google's search data, fishbone has increased by 2230.33 percent over the last five years.

From the data, Fishbone Cactus ornamental plants are predicted to be hunted more and more in 2021. What about you,ready to hunt fishbone cactus?

2. Bunny Ear Cactus

Bunny Ear Cactus
In addition to fishbone cactus ornamental plants other types of cactus that are predicted to trend in 2021 is Bunny ear cactus. Although this type of cactus does not have beautiful leaves and flowers, but the shape of the stem is prickly and oval resembling rabbit ears. This is what makes it look unique and in great demand.

Judging from the data, cactus ornamental plants experienced an increase in searches by 1984.77 percent. From the data above it is likely that the popularity of this plant will increase in 2021, especially to take care of this ornamental plant is not difficult lho.

3. Blue Star Fern

Blue Star Fern
Plants that are predicted to trend in 2021 are Blue Star Fern or fern. Blue Star Fern or fern ornamental plants are increasingly popular in recent years because it is the right choice if you want to decorate an indoor room.

In addition to its fresh green leaves, fern plants can thrive at high humidity levels, such as in the bathroom.

4. Mistletoe Cactus

Mistletoe Cactus
It turns out that cactus type ornamental plants are in great demand, Mistletoe Cactus is the right choice to give the impression of a lush and beautiful dwelling. This ornamental plant is unique and can dance attention, perfect for those of you who like to decorate the house. You can put these ornamental plants on high shelves or in the corner of the living room table.

This unique houseplant will thrive all year round, with succulent stems hanging like shabby hair. Especially if treated appropriately, you will find berries growing on these ornamental plants.

Well, this dangling plant is expected to trend in 2021, because the search data for this ornamental plant in recent years has increased. Searches on Google for mistletoe cacti have increased by 1,466.62 percent.

5. Velvet Calathea

Velvet Calathea
Being one of the most popular predicted plants in 2021, velvet calathea ornamental plants have increased by 1291.10 in the last five years.

Velvet Calathea comes from the rainforests of Central and South America, this houseplant loves light, warmth and humidity. This ornamental plant also has dark leaves, so it can create an exotic impression if placed in the living room or family room.

In addition to creating an exotic impression in the house, this ornamental plant can also help clean pollutants, so that the air at home is cleaner and fresher.

6. String of Hearts

String of Hearts
If you are looking for ornamental plants for indoor decoration purposes, then you can choose string of hearts ornamental plants. As the name implies, this ornamental plant has leaves that resemble the shape of a heart.

Stem that has the form of dangling down, becomes an interesting option to consider if you are looking for hanging ornamental plants.

With its fairly easy treatment, it is not wrong if this ornamental plant is predicted to be very popular in 2021.

7. Happy Bean Plant

Happy Bean Plant
The last ornamental plant that is predicted to trend in 2021 is Happy bean plant. This plant is able to make the indoor decoration of your house more beautiful and stunning. With its happy-looking name, this plant does not demand much for its treatment.

Happy bean plant is a semi-succulent plant, which means that this plant is able to store water in the dry season and does not have to water this plant too often. That's what makes this plant in great demand.

So that this ornamental plant can grow lushly, put it in a bright place but not in direct sunlight.

How are you ready to hunt ornamental plants in the next year? Besides being able to make comfortable, ornamental plants are also able to make your home decoration more beautiful.

So that's some ornamental plants that are predicted to trend in 2021. What do you think,do you have any other ornamental plant recommendations? Please write in the comment column!

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